Musica Celestis

by contrafacta

“… heavenly or divine music is music that comprehends the numerical order of the transcendental things. But I have distinguished this kind of music from cosmic harmony because Boethius applies cosmic harmony to natural, mobile, and sensible things only.  However, the things which I have said to pertain to this kind of music are metaphysical and transcendental things, without movement and sensible matter.” – Jacobus Leodiensis (ca. 1330) [Sed distinxi hanc musicae speciem a mundana, quia mundanam musicam applicat Boethius ad solas res naturales, mobiles et sensibiles, ut statim dicetur. Res autem, <quas> ad hanc musicae speciem pertinere dixi, sunt res metaphysicales, res transcendentes, a motu et materia sensibili separatae, etiam secundum esse.]

“… heavenly music is music which is performed unabated by angels in the sight of God.” -pseudo-Nicholas of Capua (ca. 1415) [musica angelica set illa quae ab angelis ante conspectum dei semper administratur.]